Happy New Year. Be blessed and be a blessing!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey all! It's the last Campus Alive meet of the year, and a truly eventful one. Our friends from KTT Fellowship will be here and it's going to be the last CA for many of our seniors (ACTP and ALM)...sobs!!! Pastor David of New Life will be speaking on that night on how we make our campus alive (no word pun intended...lol)! : )

But don't worry, CA's not going anywhere, because next next Thursday will be a farewell for the seniors. Location and time will be informed.

Happy Easter! Have a blessed day as we celebrate our risen Saviour Jesus and spread His love! See y'all!

- Larry : )

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello again!

I say, the new blog's feeling lonely without much comments! :D And there's an article from a wonderful Samantha Sii about Easter too!

It would totally, and I mean it, totally awesome if you would link to the new blog, and yes, spread the word! (So that, you know, it would be like, totally widespread - more people can find it, etc?)

And yes, due to some misunderstanding or so, the latest report was posted up both places. But, do do do visit the new blog.

And that's all from me now. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The day we broke the walls!

CA this week was quite a unique one. Those who came were greeted by an all-male ushering team. Some stopped in their tracks to stare. There was Ivan, Tze Jun and Graham. Next, the meeting of the night was started off with the two MCs, Esmond and Krystal. They forgot to introduce themselves at first, and only much later did they recall that not everyone might have remembered their names. It brought about much laughter and a renewed sense of fellowship among those who attended that night. A few announcements were made then, about the coming CG where it would be movie night. The movie, ‘End of the Spear’ was to be shown this coming CG.

The time was then passed to Samantha for the games. We played an interesting game of Tic-Tac-Toe and what made it more interesting is the fact that it was a battle of the sexes! With the boys lined up on one side and the girls on the other, Samantha called out numbers (the rows of the boys and the girls were numbered first) and the person whose number got called would run to save a strategic seat so that they could form a line of four in a row. What was the outcome of the game? Well, let’s just say that it proved why males engineer battles and are addicted to online strategy games.





After the games, it was then time to worship. Worship that night was done a little differently. It was led by Joy and only had Chewie and Larry as guitarists with no other instruments for the night. Joy had a brilliant idea of making it acoustic. Samantha and Katherine sang beautifully for back-up. The songs, Yesus Pokokku was sang with much animation and truly, it set the mood for the time of worship. The next few songs sang were Oh Happy Day, Lord of Lords, You’ll Come and Everything. It was a meaningful time of worship and was a good transition to the time for the speaker.

The speaker of the night was Brother Michael from the Fellowship of Evangelical Students, (FES). He is no stranger to those who have come for CA before. His message was on 'Prejudice'. He first began with asking us to get into groups of threes to discuss the things that we were prejudiced against, and the prejudices against ourselves we were most hurt at. Ee Heng mentioned that he had prejudices against people who were a head taller than he was. There was also prejudices against people who cannot speak English. And Cedric spoke up to mention that he was hurt mostly by prejudices against him unable to speak Chinese (so we shall avoid calling them bananas, yeah?). Brother Michael encouraged us to stop having prejudices against our brothers and sisters of different races here in Malaysia. He even elaborated on the parable of the good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37. He spoke on how we should not only be Christians Christian but to be Malaysian Christians, understanding of other people and their beliefs. We must not only do our duty to God, but do His pleasing work by helping those He has placed in our paths to help. This is so that we can reach out to them and not be complacent in our Christian lives. He then spoke on how to break the walls of prejudice.

“If we realize that all things given to us are from God, then we truly have nothing to lose as we break those walls and reach out.”

Such a sharing was thought-provoking, challenging, and refreshing. For at the end of the day, indeed all we have are two hands and a heart, to make a difference in our land and home.

Then it was time for refreshments which were prepared by Pei Ling and Maritha. It was a good time of fellowship and food, coupled with laughter and excitement that ended yet another wonderful meet.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hey people, I'm very proud to say that the new blog is very much nearly done. Now, there's pretty limited stuff as there's not much to say just yet. But the latest report shall be posted there! Now, how awesome is that? :D I'm very very excited, aren't you? Many new things, so take your time and read them all!

The new blog address is this: http://www.campusalive.wordpress.com/

I know that we're able to transfer every material here to there but we'd like to keep it this way. :)

And yes, there are those who have questioned our decision to shift to Wordpress. I understand that Wordpress isn't as friendly as Blogger, and the background is rigid, and we can't have a chatbox, etc.

Let's just say that God wanted a change. I was in a worship session during ACTs, when I prayed to God about what to do should I lead IT Ministry. And I believe that God spoke to me throughout the worship session and sermon. That day, both Pat and I felt strongly that everything shared by the Pastor was so inter-related to CA. Seriously. It's an awesome sermon by Pastor Kenneth.

He gave me insights, gave me new challenges. :) And one of them insights was to have new pages with more details. I can't quite explain it, but it's already been done up in Wordpress. The function doesn't exist for Blogger, which is why is was tough.

I also understand that I haven't been doing a good job sprucing up the place, but I realize that God being the centre of it all is most important. That a new blog is necessary for a new revival, coinciding with our new ministry in CA, and other important new things coming up. A change is coming, and we're trying to keep up with the massive awesomeness God is bringing forward for us to take charge. :)

I hope I make sense. Please do visit the new blog and give it a shot. :)