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Friday, May 18, 2007


Finally!!!!!! After years of planning and preparations, Campus Alive will have its very own shirt. It's available in 2 colours, white and navy blue (due to some unexplainable reasons). The sizes vary from kidies, SS, S, M, L, XL. Guess what!!! It only costs about 16 bucks per shirt. Come on people!!! Where can u get a shirt wonderfully inspired by God, designed specially by our own Leen. With its unique and eloquent designs of a CA logo, a treasure chest and a surprise abstract motif (which is really interesting, trust me). Just keep your fingers all crossed for it!!! Please do spread the words around. Anyone interested please contact someone you know from CA and they will happily pass the words to either Erin or Leen. Be excited!!


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Leen said...


More than 60 T-shirts were ordered in just 3 days time! What a staggering demand for the T-shirts! So if you have not ordered one, do now before we run out of stock. God bless.