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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tell Us How We Can Improve CA Service

You will be able to see a poll at the left side of the blog like the one below. Take just a few seconds to check the boxes(you can choose more than one) and make a difference. If there are other ways we can improve besides from the one listed on the poll, please email them to any of the blogmasters. Thank you for your co-operation.



ej said...

mmmm good one!!
but what if there are other suggestions that arent in the selection? just wondering..


Leen said...

That's why I have this post up. XD
So that people can post other suggestions that are not on the list. Of course, another way is to email any one of the blogmasters.

Pat said...

yup... if u hav anything in mind, juz feel free to tel any of the blogmaster, which will me n leen n joash

ej said...