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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CA Service: Self-Control & Faithfulness

When you try to hit a golf ball from its tee, it takes full concentration and self-control. You cannot be panic or nervous. You cannot think negatively and you certainly need to have a strong self-control over your own swing. Too hard a swing might just send the ball off the fairway to the bunker or the rough. Too light a swing might end up in a bogey or even a double bogey.

When the ball is in the air, there is only faith that is left in you. You have no choice but to have faith that the ball will drop in a strategic location for you next swing.

That's exactly why I used a golfer image as my main stock for this week's CA. The theme is "Self-Control and Faithfulness". Do come to CA if you are free on that night or you want to learn more about self-control and faithfulness. Mark down your calender for CA and remember the pick-up times for your pick-up point.

See you there!



eg said...

blessed birthday Leen! if you had not flown off a few days earlier you could have one final CA belated birthday... ish >.<

Pat said...

self control... tat's wat i need since the new akasia com lab is opened starting this week...

ej said...

akasia com lab.. chiuz.. mine is gone case.. whole area wireless and so fast.. ive got to stop doing this so much.. hmmm.. how many hours a day do u think i should spend blogging and doing various online thingies??