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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

13/9/07 CA report... finally out!!!! hooray!!!!

Campus Alive

As usual, every fortnight, NLRC (New Life Restoration Center) will be crowded with Intec students. Why? It ‘s because that all of them are excited, excited to have fun as well as fellowship with God and also, not forgetting, with each other. As a senior in CA, I had seen many things and yes CA had changed. So, I arrived at NLRC, the earliest (hehe). I drove there actually. The musicians were supposed to go there first but the funny thing was, someone had actually forgotten to pick a musician up. (hm…I wonder who? Hint hint…what a joke la..) Anyway, to be more exact, I was the second one to arrive after the music team. I felt nice because I actually brought two non-christian friends along. The best is still to come.

Like any other CA, people will arrive, and have their dinner first at the food court situated just beneath the church. Again, we enjoyed it. Although simple, it’s nice (well, that’s what I think la, my tongue has very simple taste wan. So, anything also I enjoy.) Okay, so I had my dinner, went upstairs to church, sat down, and waited for the rest to come. In the process, I get to see the musicians practicing their worship songs. “One-two-three... “, the band members and play in unison. So nice to hear . As one of the worship coordinators of CA, I felt that this band is the most well mixed band. Why did I say that? Ya, you have a Korean on the piano, a French on the bass, ALM and Ausmat on the vocals and ALG on the drums. Very colourful right? Yes, indeed.

As I waited for the meeting to start, I chatted a little to my non-christian friends that I brought along. Did you know that they did? They actually took out their physic book and study. Oh gosh…must they do that. Then, kiasu’ism seeps into me, I also took out book to study but it was long after that that the rest of the crowd actually came to fill the place. Ok, time to stop studying and look around.

The place starts to get noisier and noisier. Guys and girls, mixing together, chatting, talking, chatting some more, “Really? Serious? You sure or not? “ were heard. “ Hahaha, hehehe, hohoho(sounds like santa) “ also got. I went round taking pictures but unfortunately, my camera punya battery died after just a mere 4 pictures. Sad. Ok, the place is now very very noisy. I got more noisy as my other friends walked in. I wound actually call them out loud from the other end of the room. Sometimes, I will go “LEON!!!!” waving my hand frantically.

Then, the masters of ceremony called the meeting to order. They were Ausmat juniors(cheers, Hidup Ausmat!!). Two nice looking young ladies. ( I noticed that quite recently, the meeting will be conducted by two MCs, Hm…) After and short, simple but nice prayer, the meeting jump start with the usual ice breakers. Although Eujeen had gone to the “Land of the Free, home of the brave” (Amarika), Erica and Samuel did a good job maintaining the legacy of CA ice breakers. Although conducted differently, both are equally interesting and F.U.N. The games goes like this:

a.Form two circles.

b.One circle will be inside the other circle.

c.The inner circle face outwards, the outer circle face inwards.

d.So, people will be facing each other right? Good. The one that they face are their partners.

e. Music will be played, the outer circle turns clockwise, and the inner circle, anti-clockwise.

f.When the music stops, you are to find your partner. The last pair to find their partner will be hehe, “punished”.

Ok, you got the game right? It was fun. Everyone laughed like crazy. The punishment? Eat lemon. Sour and juicy lemon. There were a few that actually managed to eat two lemons. That is cool .

After the ice breaker, it was time for worship. Worship was led by non other than Eunice, supported by a strong band of junior musicians. I personally had a time of great time worshipping God. The better part, my non-christian friends were worshipping together with us too. I felt happy. My friend even jumped to one of the praise songs.

Then, it was Ps. David’s turn to share with us. He shared about faithfulness, loyalty. The example that constantly gave was about being committed to your partner, as in boyfriend-girlfriend, husband and wife relationship. One vivid line that is still stuck in my head is “once you found one, you have to shut your eyes to others” which is entirely true. Hear hear!! The message shared by pastor was very powerful. In relation to that, we must also be committed to God, be loyal and of course, faithful to Him. Why? Because He is also faithful to us . Amen to that.

After the alter call, the meeting proceeded with the farewell of a brother of ours. He is Gareth, from the French programme. Although his stay here with us was very and considerably short, we had fun having him around. He had also served in the music team, twice, playing the bass. I still remember that I have to communicate with him in mandarin. I guess you guys know that my mandarin is a little rusty, as I was given the title as ¾ banana. Anyway, though difficult, I still managed to get my message across to Him. Who needs language when we are speaking music? (hahaha)

The crowd adjourned to the fifth floor for ‘makan’. Refreshment was good. If my memory serves me correctly, we had cream puff. That’s my personal favourite. Sadly, I only get to eat one because I have no time left. I went up to the fifth floor, took 3 creampuffs( all three on a plate), and slowly, one by one, people start taking it, thinking that I was serving them. Not long later, I was asked by Amy( Korean Junior), to fetch her Korean lecturer home. Yes, the lecturer, Mr. Kim joined us for CA. He had fun (that’s what he told me lah). Then, I ended up with only one cream puff. Thank God I had a chance to try it. I guess God wants me to learn not to be greedy.

Okay, time to go back. Curfew by our hostels. Everybody said their last goodbyes to each other. The usual, everybody managed to squeeze themselves into various vehicles. Vroom!! and off everyone went. I, on the other hand, dropped the Korean lecturer back to Intekma, a hotel. We had a good conversation with each other. I understand him and he understands me as well. Before we said goodbye, he taught me how to wish goodnite in Korean. I was honoured because, when I informed the Korean Juniors about this, they told me that Mr. Kim haven taught them how to do so yet. Some privilege I had. It goes like this, an nyeong hi chung uu sae yo. It means goodnight in Korean.

I reached my hostel at 11.30pm. I was tired but satisfied with everything that had happened in CA and I’m looking forward to the next one. Thank you. Kam sa hab ni da. (Thank you in Korean).

In His service,


Campus Alive


ej said...

weih weih weih.. no updates on CA itself one..

eg said...

eh EJ you so free you help them to update lah =p coz illegal people like me only get info through CA blog.

danke to Pat for informing me. *感恩*

Pat said...

haha... wat kind of updates u wan??? u shud be like eileen, email ppl nearly everyday... in tat case, can update her bit by bit everytime replying her email... tonight CA was another blast!!! the seniors can finally worship together wif the congregation and the juniors was great... kinda like the time when we first came to CA and see the seniors serving... now its the junior's turn... funny how time flies...

Pat said...

many thanks to eg too... thank u for the time and 'petrol' u spend to fetch us to and fro from NLRC... without u, dunno wat will happen to us... really appreciate it!!!

ej said...

i want to leh.. but takkan i update them about MY life meh.. i wan to see pictures!!! see what CA is doing!!!

eg said...

...and I wanna see announcement when next CA date has been confirmed so that I dun have to keep asking Pat until petrified. danke.

ej said...

btw, GREAT JOB JIM ON UPDATING THE BLOG! (can a longer portion be about the message that was preached? :P i wanna hear about the boyfren gurlfren too leh!!!)

Pat said...

sorry... last CA everyone like forgetting their camera... so only got one super long blog post... this time i post ASAP liaw... hehe...

sorry bout the date... we cannot find junior to handle this blog yet... eileen is in the process in handling over the IT job... most probably next time will be another e-flyer...