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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Want To...

Dearest people of CA. How are you doing? In this time, even as I prepare for my exams, I just felt the Spirit prompting me to just pause and reflect on life. And you know what, the thoughts that came to me from God are just so beautiful. I want to crystalize those thoughts into words as much as I can but truly no words can describe them. So yea, I just want to share them with you guys, hope it gives all of you some inspirations. Here goes...

I want to...

I want to change the world

I want to see joyful souls all around me

I want to see disease, plague and pestilence be purged

I want to see war, strife and turmoil be stilled

I want to see people's hunger for a meaning to life be filled with living bread from the broken body of the Perfect Lamb

I want to see people's thirst for a greater love be quenched by the streams of living water that flow from the fountain of life

I want to see the whole earth join in one chorus with all the heavenly hosts to proclaim the glory of God

I want to be part of God's plans for the world

I want to grasp the promises of God for this earth, to bring life onto this earth which He calls his temple palace

I want to live in adoration of His holiness, the Oneness of His purposes since the beginning of time - to raise up children of God from each generation to rule over creation in relationship with Him

I want to dwell in His presence, the greatest love that has been poured out to mankind, the hope for a better resurrection made possible by His grace, the faith He has empowered me with to stand up against the beasts of this world

I want to be changed by Him

I want to show love for the world and for the people around me, just as the Creator has loved His creation with unending love

I want to have faith to stand in this world, to stand firm in the midst of the storms and persecutions in life, just as the Son stood firm against all the evil that tried to uproot Him

I want to be filled with hope for this earth and for a better resurrection, trusting in the Spirit who resurrected the Son to breathe new life into this world and into all those who believe in Him

I want to be free

I want to be all that I am created to be

I want to stand firm against the systems of this world that want to enslave me and tear at me like wild beasts, I want to have faith to rise up above them all

I want to approach His throne boldly without guilt or shame, for Christ's sacrifice has set me free from all my sins and iniquities

I want to daily lift up my hands in worship of the One who created me, to gaze into His beauty and to be awed by His majesty

I want to be led by the Spirit, by the one who can liberate me from the broad pathway to destruction on to the narrow road to peace, love and joy

I want to be renewed each day, not dwelling in the past sins and guilt that chain me down, but to be filled with His love and grace that shatter every bondage

I want to stand on the zenith of my tower of achievements, I want to climb up to the peak of my pride, I want to ascend to the pinnacle of my insecurities...I want to close my eyes...and throw myself down from there

And I want to trust that God will carry me in the palm of His hands, and I will soar in the greatness of God

I want to believe all things are possible

I want to believe that nothing is impossible with faith

I want to dare to dream of bigger possibilities for this world and for myself

I want to believe that my God is a BIG God, and I want to pray BIGGER prayers

I want to believe that changing this world is possible, I want to take that step of faith

I want to believe in a better resurrection

I want to believe that, when the time has come for me to rest, it's not the end

I want to believe that one day God will call me up again and I will be with Him forevermore

I want to believe that one day God will grant me the crown of righteousness that He has promised me

I want to believe that even in the midst of all this chaos, the preparations for it have already begun

I want to be able to hear the trumpets sounding, to prepare myself for the Holy war ahead

I want to prepare oil for my lamp, that when the Lord returns, I shall be ready to greet Him

I want to fully utilize the talents He has given me, that when He returns, I shall be called the good and faithful servant

Most importantly, I truly want to believe that I am part of all this...that no matter what, He loves me deeply...and I love Him too


Blessings guys!

Brian Chee

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Pat said...

thank you Brian for such a wonderful piece...