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Monday, July 28, 2008

New Header and Logo


Just a little modification to the old logo and header for better presentation on the blog. Hope you like it. I still need to learn more about html before I can do major changes to the background and other stuff. Bear with me. =D

And if you don't like the color scheme now (black, brown, yellow, white), tell me and I'll make a poll with choices of color scheme you want. Then we can switch color. ^___^ I'm pretty flexible and the color for banners, logo and background are very flexible too. The only problem I might have is the pinkish-brownish thing in the center. That might need a little bit of effort but it is certainly do-able.

Example of a new color scheme (black and blue):
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Just tell me. ^.^ All critiques and comments are appreciated.


eunice said...

the current design is nice =)

...i'm vegetating at home...

Pat said...

so can export already ah ur vegetables???

trying to be lame here... haha... sad i wasn't the first to comment anymore

Leen said...


I'm so busy this few days. XD

Book summary, article summary, presentation - due Thursday

Lab report, essay - due Friday.

O__o And why am I still here?

@Eunice, I will start vegetating pretty soon too!! After the tests and stuff!!