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Friday, August 8, 2008

While God is preparing a place for you, He might just be preparing you for that place as well!

One of the very first questions that I used to ask God after being placed in Intec was, “ Lord, why Intec? Why here? Why here in this place when I’m faced with so much restrictions?” But God...He dint answer me... Or so I thought . Looking back, I really blame it on my impatience, because after awhile of not hearing anything, I stopped asking... I just went on with life-woke up early, went to school, did my homework, went for CA... It was all so routine and regimented! All because I never realised the true importance of knowing the purpose I was there, or why I was doing something...

Well, this is my story of how I’ve learnt how important it is that we, as children, prince and pricesses of the Most High know our purpose of us being here! Let’s look at a simple illustration—Imagine that you are on a mission trip, and you happen to not know what your mission is! Hehe... So take the ‘mission’ out of the ‘mission trip’ and all we get is- A Trip! A trip with no aim or purpose... It might me fun, might be exciting, but there are times when we’ll be faced with troubles, and setbacks, and with nothing to look ahead as our beacon of light ( since we had no aims) we start to complaint, we get upset and depressed, and the trip becomes tiring.

That’s what happened to me. Remember I couldn’t wait long enough for my answer? So I went on with life—my ‘trip’ in Intec. I did my best for my exams, was present for all my classes ( except the occasional moral classes), tried to adhere to their very cacat-ed dress codes, just did everything that I thought was necessary for me as a student. Yup, I had my own fair share of good times, as well as the bad. It’s easy to give thanks to God when things are going well, but when those horrible things came upon me, I began to blame God, I began to ask why those things were happening to me, I began justifying and reasoning with God. And day by day, I just kept all these within me, covered it up with other happier thoughts. Rather than looking at the big picture, I saw all of these as separate events , all because I never knew why God placed me in those situations...

Until the last day of school came. Everybody in college was dying just to get out to go to the movies, to just have fun and be free! But very funnily, instead of basking in that new found freedom, I felt this extremely deep burden to just go home...and pray. Pray about what, I dint know. And I was faced with a choice- Either I ignore this feeling and drown it down with movies, or I take this burden seriously and go before God, after all, our God is a God of choices! Thankfully I chose the second one =) And so there I was, kneeling down before God at my favourite corner of my bed, just being there in prayer... And so amazingly, and so very gently, God asked whether I would like to know why He put me through all these in Intec, why He sent me here. And then I suddenly remembered that question which I used to ask but was never patient enough to wait for the answer! And overwhelmed with a mixture of joy and anticipation, I tearily responded, “ Of course!”

And God graciously revealed it was all to bring me closer to Him!

As cliched and common as it may sound now, when God said this, it was as if my spirit was lifted up! And how true is it! I went through my first break up here in Intec, had loads of sad times, times of loneliness, yet it is also here that i had the best of memories. And God allowed all of these to happen with the sole purpose of bringing me closer to Him. And I knew, oh so clearly, that I left Intec so so much closer to God than when I first entered. Praise God!!

We might be in Intec for 3 months or 2 and a half years, but it really doesn’t matter, because God does everything for His purpose. If I had knew His purpose, I would have asked different questions, I would have reacted differently, and I could have done more with my life here in Intec...I’m learning =) hehe...

If you would allow me to quote from the book ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren. “The purpose of our life is far greater than our own personal fulfillment, our peace of mind, or even our happiness. Its far greater than our family, our future career, or even our wildest dreams and ambition. If we want to know why we are placed on this planet, we must begin with God.”

And guys, we discover our identity and purpose through a relationship with Christ Jesus! Right now, I’m intent to ask God to reveal what His plans and purposes are for my life, even if I’m on holiday now! And trust me, He has been opening countless doors! Praise God =)

I hope that we all would come to know the divine purpose of us being here, and in the process, grow and mature in the image of Christ.

While God is preparing a place for you, He might just be preparing you for that place as well!

Ephesians 1:11-12
In Him we were also chosen, having been predentined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will, in order that we, who were first to hope in Christ, might be for the praise of His glory.



ich bin nicht ein Musiker said...

PTL... what an awesome testimony besides your serving through God-given diploma pianist fingers while being a highly efficient/punctual usher at Akasia bus stop... PTL again

cal said...

Awesome testimony eve,

its such a joy to read how CA has blessed so many of us...=P

miss you much..=)

Brian Chee said...

Dear Eve,

It is amazing how God has worked in your life, how He has changed your perspectives on your purposes, not only in INTEC, but on this earth as well.

Truly God has a far greater purpose behind all the our narrow-minded visions, and His ways are far greater than our own.

I'm excited to see what God will continue to do in your life, and to see how the path that He has prepared for you unfolds.

It will be an exciting mission trip indeed! Keep persevering okay? Will be cheering you on.