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Monday, September 1, 2008

Live Out Loud

Merdeka x7!! These indeed are the historical words which set our nation free from colonization. 51 years passes as time witness the massive development in our country. As we ponder again, we are not forgetting our mighty King who releases us from sins and death through His precious blood. Great is our Lord!!

When you step into the Atmosphere, you will be surprised with Malaysia flag hanging here and there and even at the back of the t-shirt!!

This CA kicked off with Graham and Shalisha emceeing for the night. It started off with some songs before welcoming us. We were greeted by dividing ourselves by the colour of our toothbrush!! Blue, red, green, yellow and even I don’t know group!! What a new and fresh way to start!! We also have the privilege to welcome back Daniel and Vincent, my super senior, our juniors’ super duper senior, from Germany!! They were conducting the ice breaking and we were divided into 2 groups, (Cat Group and Dog Group). For the first game, we were to arrange ourselves in a line according to our names in alphabetical order, without talking to each other or making any sound. Imagine, everyone started to point out their fingers trying their best to show the alphabets. Then, we had another fun game. Everyone was paired together and the objective is to look at each others’ face and try not to laugh. Look who showed up to interfere. Bryan with a silly and funny face got everyone roared with laughter. In the end, the winners received chocolates all the way back from Germany. We had a great time having fun and fellowshipping with each other. Thanks Daniel and Vincent for the games.

Next, the praise and worship was lead by Andersen and his team which includes Patricia and Peiling as backup, Larry, Daniel, Bryan, Chewie and James. The songs are You are Good, Awesome in this place, How great is our God, Beautiful Savior and God of this city. We can sense God’s presence with us throughout the praise and worship session. Then, we have sis Eu Pui, an FES instructor from IMU speaking to us on the topic “Living Out Loud”. Sis Eu Pui gave us some questions to ponder about. Are we satisfied with the current situation? Are we going to make a difference, not doing anything or just be indifferent? She also shared the story of Daniel, who was stripped off his very own identity, even his name, to live in other land. Daniel who completely put his trust onto the Lord lived out to His name (book of Daniel). She also urged everyone of us to return back to Malaysia after our studies because the Lord has entrusted Malaysia to us. We must indeed live out God’s name and shine in this land. We are building His Kingdom. In the end, she poured out a bucket full of marbles. It symbolizes that God will also scatter us to different parts of Malaysia to spread His words. Each of us took a marble to remind us of the day to come.

It all ended with the song “Malaysia Bagi KemuliaanMu”. Samantha also prayed for the nation and everyone of us. We had great refreshment prepared by Betty and J-Cyn. We have the chance to taste Betty self bake cake. Longan and Lychee drinks were served. Everyone manage to return back to the college in time and it concludes another great CA. Greater thing have to come, greater things are still to be done in our beloved country, Malaysia. Amen



Pat said...

wah... who are those 2 handsome seniors?

*got chocolate for me?


Vincent said...

did u win? =P

Pat said...

no lah... din even get the chance to smell the chocolate... haha

Dann~ said...

hey Pat, when u r in Germany, u will get sick of it...