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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Race of Faith

On the 23rd of October 2008, CA was held for the last time in year 2008. This special meeting was highlighted by the presence of many ex-CA committee members, including Joash, Erin, Mandy and Si Han.

The emcees of the night, Jonathan Wong and Elsha Liew introduced themselves and warmly welcomed many newcomers who were present. After the opening prayer, Miriam led the people into a fun-filled time of games. The people were grouped into different numbers and tagged with different colours which indicate their respective monetary values. The mechanism of the game is that the members had to form certain values indicated by the games master in the shortest time.

After a bustling atmosphere of fun, an inspiring and heart-warming worship session ensued. The worship team comprised of an all-senior team of 11 people. They were Bryan and Pei Ling ( worship leaders),Amanda and Shalisha( keyboardists), Dian Han (bassist), Anderson (drummer), Ming Joun( guitarist), Chewie( electric guitarist), Steffie, Betty, and Eliza( backup singers).The worship team led the people into the awesome presence of God .

Special programmes were arranged for the night, including a time of testimony from two very special people, Yen Mii and Helen. They basically shared about their experiences in CA and how the hand of God has helped them through the many stormy days when serving in CA. All in all, they inspired us to believe and trust that God will honour His servants who faithfully serve Him. Yen Mii and Helen, we salute you for your step of faith which encouraged the many people who are serving in CA. Above all, we salute Jesus Christ who is behind your beautiful testimonies!

Then, the moment of shock has arrived. Three very comical clowns stepped into the hall with outrageous costumes and make-ups. What a start for a humorous drama! This drama was directed by Eliza and involved a total of 19 people, who were Sam, Steffie, Ken, Dian Han, Larry, Zoe, Nicole, Pei Ling, Bryan, Mary, Rachel, Ji Yi,Andersen, Chieng Loo, Chewie, Derrick, Shalisha and Betty. After a jaw-dropping moment of seeing Bryan wearing a short skirt and singlet, a song entitled “Sing of Your Love” was presented. This drama spoke of the many challenges that Christians face while running the race. Nevertheless, the unshakable Rock of our faith has never ceased to see us those seasons. For the seniors who are leaving soon, let us be reminded that wherever we may be, The Potter’s plan for our lives will never change. He is going to bring us into new territories, where He can use us to touch lives and change hearts. Let’s expect great things, for HE IS GREAT.

Soon after, another unexpected treat came up. Without introduction, the ever-enthusiastic speaker strode purposefully to the front and started to share on the verse Hebrews 12:2.

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame and has sat down at the right hand of God."

He was none other than the very familiar Joash Tan. The core of his message centred on the fact that each of us had a race and journey to run. The race we run will be the story of our lives. What story or legacy do we want to leave behind? He highlighted the example of Jesus Christ, who has the greatest faith of all; faith to bring heaven down on earth and to accomplish God’s will, even though this cost Him everything, including His life. That brings up the question of the choices we make in our lives. Are we choosing to run a race of faith, or are we choosing other things like FAME instead? Secondly, in this race, we have to put our faith into action. The Bible says “Faith without action is dead”. Lastly, he talked about the rewards that we will reap in heaven, just as Jesus sat down on the right hand of God’s throne after accomplishing His mission on earth.

Then, he opened up the altar and invited those who had regrets over the race they had run for the past years. Many people stepped forward and was ministered to by the presence of God. Sam also invited the speaker to pray for the Ausmat and IMU express class seniors who are going to leave soon.

The meeting ended with people fellowshipping over sandwiches and drinks, which were prepared by J-cyn and Siaw Hui.

Many left with smiles that day, including me. Above all, I smiled because I know God did.

“ Bless the Lord, o my soul, all that is within me, Bless His holy name!”

In His service.



eliza said...

Great CA! Great report! Above all, great God!! =)

cal said...


Pat said...

good job sam!!!
wonder y both CA boss - new or old have sam? haha

H3@rTbRe@k kiD said...

yier, tat leng lui picture there, y so ugly 1?? Photographer lack of skill la... shud take it frm the correct angle :p

steffie said...

wondering y ppl always forget dat alg super senior are leaving too...indeed God gave us another awesome CA dat marked down the end of year 2008.

Pat said...

leng lui? where where where? got meh? got meh?

steffie, agree with u... i think some of the juniors dunno the existence of super seniors