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Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello again!

I say, the new blog's feeling lonely without much comments! :D And there's an article from a wonderful Samantha Sii about Easter too!

It would totally, and I mean it, totally awesome if you would link to the new blog, and yes, spread the word! (So that, you know, it would be like, totally widespread - more people can find it, etc?)

And yes, due to some misunderstanding or so, the latest report was posted up both places. But, do do do visit the new blog.

And that's all from me now. :)


Anonymous said...

my name is cheah yen, im from Ausmat 18 and had been in CA committee during my 1.5yrs in Intec. I'm currently in 3rd yr of Pharmacy, Perth Aus.

i thank God, that whenever i visit this blog, CA is growing from strength to strength, from glory to glory!

i remembered when i was a junior in Intec and there were 10 of us worshipping God in Kota Kemuning.

certainly, over the years God's kingdom has been expanding tremendously in number and in power as well. keep up the ministry!

continue to be the faithful sower. from the parable of the seeds in bible, 75% of seeds planted did not grow, but 25% of the seeds grow and MULTIPLY. in the same way, do not count the loss, for the MUTIPLICATION that is going to happen will be much greater than the loss.

never cease praying,
Continue investing in souls, expand heart for love and compassion, and faithfully serve in actions.
you guys are God's great instrument to touch the community (intec in particular) that God has placed in you at this season of life...!!!

i pray that His presence is with you always. May Holy Spirit guides you and empowers you. Rise up next generation that is going to do even greater things. Amen.

God bless!

Nicole said...

Wow. thank you for such a wonderful, beautiful comment. Thank you for the prayer as well. We'll continue to sow the seeds, and pray that a revival will happen in INTEC. He is doing a glorious work here in INTEC. And even if we're not to reap it, He will choose those who will. We will, on the other hand, keep on the faith and push forward in this race, yes! :D