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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hey people, I'm very proud to say that the new blog is very much nearly done. Now, there's pretty limited stuff as there's not much to say just yet. But the latest report shall be posted there! Now, how awesome is that? :D I'm very very excited, aren't you? Many new things, so take your time and read them all!

The new blog address is this: http://www.campusalive.wordpress.com/

I know that we're able to transfer every material here to there but we'd like to keep it this way. :)

And yes, there are those who have questioned our decision to shift to Wordpress. I understand that Wordpress isn't as friendly as Blogger, and the background is rigid, and we can't have a chatbox, etc.

Let's just say that God wanted a change. I was in a worship session during ACTs, when I prayed to God about what to do should I lead IT Ministry. And I believe that God spoke to me throughout the worship session and sermon. That day, both Pat and I felt strongly that everything shared by the Pastor was so inter-related to CA. Seriously. It's an awesome sermon by Pastor Kenneth.

He gave me insights, gave me new challenges. :) And one of them insights was to have new pages with more details. I can't quite explain it, but it's already been done up in Wordpress. The function doesn't exist for Blogger, which is why is was tough.

I also understand that I haven't been doing a good job sprucing up the place, but I realize that God being the centre of it all is most important. That a new blog is necessary for a new revival, coinciding with our new ministry in CA, and other important new things coming up. A change is coming, and we're trying to keep up with the massive awesomeness God is bringing forward for us to take charge. :)

I hope I make sense. Please do visit the new blog and give it a shot. :)



Vincent said...

Errmmm... may I know why wanna change to wordpress?

Pat said...

hey nic!!!

u noe i oweys support changes... changes is good... when things change, it means they grow... not stagnant... so keep up the good job... u noe ultimately, it is God tat matters...

Nicole said...

Pat~ Miss you! Hehe. :D

Yen Mii said...

Hey Nic dear, good job serving God=)Kudos for the effort you've put into the new blog! And yea, always believe God calls us forward and sometimes that means changing the status quo =)

eliza said...

changes are good! keep it up nic! =)