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Sunday, January 13, 2008

CA Alumni Yahoo Group Promo Post

Since CA 2008 has not started and Choon Wei asked me to mod CA Alumni Yahoo Group, I figured that I should go ahead and introduce everyone to the little-known, CA Alumni's yahoo group to boost membership and participation.

Ok, what does this CA blog lack of?

I can list a few:
Links to past CA members.
Interesting and thought-provoking posts
Pictures of everyone
Responses from viewers

So, what do that have to do with CA Alumni yahoo group?

It has links to past CA members.
It has interesting and thought-provoking posts.
I believe it has some debates too.
It certainly has archives of past CA season pictures.
It generates responses from people easily because of the nature of how yahoogroup works. (It sends posts to your email)
It has more posts than CA blog.

This is my suggestion to all of you.

If you are a current CA member or a former member of CA, please sign up so that we can keep track of all CA members, past and present.

This is the link to CA Alumni Yahoo Group.

Click here to join campusalive
Click to join campusalive

Please support us by joining the group and participating in the posts.

That's all I have for now. Thanks.


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