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Monday, January 21, 2008

From The "Scene"

Appeared in: Scene
Front cover artist : Eunice Ding
Written by: Joash Tan-Loh
Requested by: Keropok Lekor

Living and studying in a Malay-predominated college made me see the tears and the hidden cries of many who have not known the Lord, and yet standing by the side, unable to effectively evangelize to them due to the laws and restrictions from the authorities.

I realized that as a Christian trying to be a friend that imitates Christ takes more than just listening to them and be there for them when they are sad. Many friends that I have – irrespective of whether they’re Muslims or non-Muslims, Christians or not – have sad stories that scarred their life so badly that they’re unable to look at themselves in the mirror of their soul, and what we are supposed to do is to help them realize that those scars can be testimonies of God’s goodness and grace in their lives, if they allow God to come into their hearts.

The calling of the Christians in my college, is to rise up to the challenge of being a blessing to each other. Putting aside the differences in religion, we as the Lighthouse and salt of INTEC UiTM have to stand together and move into the harvest field, equipped with nothing but the Word and the Love that we have experiences in Christ, and show it to the people around us.

Yet more has to be done, and it can only be done if we pray together to move the hearts and minds of those in authority to grant themselves opportunities to hear the Word and experience His love.

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