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Sunday, March 2, 2008

History in the Making

How CA came into existence in my world...

Part 1- At AUSMAT Cafe
Anna: (in Mandarin) Amy, want to go CA?

Amy: (in very broken Mandarin) Huh? What’s that?
Anna: Don’t know. Campus Alive, some Christian gathering I think. Joshua invited me to go.
(Along comes Joshua, blur as usual)
Anna: Joshua! Can you explain more about CA to us?
Joshua: Er....it is our Christian fellowship in INTEC. Er...wait ha. I’ll ask him to explain to you (turns around and talks to a guy half eating)
(Guy half eating stands up half chewing his unfinished rice about to open his mouth)
Amy: Hie, “him” *laughs at lame joke*
Jim: Huh? How did you know my name?
Amy: Huh? What name? Your name is really Him? Finish chewing your food first.
Jim: (finished chewing food) Huh? Never mind. Never mind. Anyonghasaeyo. That’s most probably the only thing I know how to say in Korean. Hie. I’m Jim from the AUSMAT Programme. CA stands for Campus Alive. It is where we gather once every two weeks to worship and have fellowship with God’s people. Do come. It is very nice.
Amy: Oh ok.....

Part 2- During ICS Week
Eugene: Join CATS!
Amy: Ah....what do you guys do?
(Eugene explains. After finishing, he pauses)
Eugene: Ah, I see you are wearing a cross. Christian?
Amy: Uh-huh
Eugene: Do come to CA tomorrow. It is our Christian Fellowship. It’s going to be fun! It’s my last CA though. *frowns*
Amy: Oh......

I came to INTEC, as a believer who was losing her faith. Question, doubts, fear haunted my thoughts day and night. Lost and not connected to a church at that time, inevitably, I backslid. Fortunately, thank God, He sent people to tell me about CA. It was there that God chose to bless my life with people who got me back on track. People who inspired me when I looked at their faith. Joash, Erin, Jim, Calvin..... Back then I could barely comprehend how did they manage to get such faith, but as I continue my walk with Jesus and as He ministers through CA to me, I learnt. Slow but steady. Baby steps.

This year, God used CA as a platform again to launch me further into my Christian life! This time, discipleship. Truly, one cannot really experience Him fully until they start to serve. Last year, Yen Mii asked me whether I wanted to be in the committee. I contemplated, not knowing what I can actually contribute. Somehow, I was moved to take up the offer. So, I did. And from then on, I was made game master. A job I enjoyed. When I first got it, as usual, I wondered was I up to it. A lot of what ifs came up. But God remained faithful. When the first CA came about and I did the games, I knew, it was a job God tailor-made for me.

First CA of the year was a success. There were 3 generations of Intecians gathered together to kick off the year. I was nerve wrecked. Super seniors, seniors and juniors. But, God’s presence was strong and we went home victorious, honouring Him. The second CA was simply a blast! Elder Kien Yiak shared about loneliness, and taught us how to wait upon God, something which I felt helped further equip us as students who will further their studies in a foreign land.

I prayed hard for an unforgettable CA when it struck me that CA is something that I will never forget. It was where Jesus set my feet on solid ground. He replanted the seed that fell on the rocks on good soil. That night, i truly understood why Eugene had a frown on his face when he told me about his last CA, for now I will tell you with a frown that 13/02/2008 CA was my last. Though short lived, being game master has taught me the concept committing something greater than myself to Him first before I do anything.

CA Committee before 2007, thank you for making CA happen and keeping it Alive. CA Committee 2007, thank you for introducing me to CA and putting me into place. CA Committee 2008, thank you for making me part of the team, keep up the GREAT work and continue to burn for Jesus! CA Committee to come, keep the fire BURNING! We would never know how many lives has been, is being and will be touched through CA, only God knows, and I’m here as one of the many testimonies. Continue to make CA a miracle and blessing for the many to come.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!




Pat said...

wow... a simple invitation to CA can indeed make an impact to a person's life... sometimes its juz discouraging to keep inviting ppl but in the end they din turn up... thanz for burning up tat spirit of inviting again Amy!!! n good job on ur serving... although dunno y i seems tat gamemaster hav a very short life span in CA... haha but tat's the way God wanted to be, to hav more ppl serving...

p/s : i think its eujeen during the ics week, not eugene...

hav a great journey of faith in Korea!!!

EG said...

eh Leen if you are free at Chicago why not edit all the EG's into EJ's? EJ rockz. PTL.

ej said...

lol.. -____-