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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making a difference in Malaysia

On the 12th of October, a group of us from IMU set off to Peaceheaven for the first ever Professionals of Tomorrow (POTs) conference. I guess for me, the major attraction POTs held for me were the exposition talks on the book of Nehemiah (and moreover by Bishop Hwa Yung at that).
It was definitely the most memorable camp I’ve ever gone for, because for the first time, it wasn’t just a time of fellowship and sermons, we were also confronted with very real issues and challenges of being a future professional in Malaysia .
What lingered on my mind was the issue of missing Christian voices in Malaysia, as evidenced by the report that the majority of citizens who emigrate are Christians, also of the fifty years of Islamization and how we’re being increasingly pushed aside, and the fact that government service is shunned by most Christians (And yet, it is in the government sector that our voices are needed the most). They are all very hard truths. Not forgetting the issue of missing grace, where love is lacking in race relations in Malaysia , when we know that Jesus came for them too, just as He came for you and me.
Many questions abound: Will we write off the situation here in Malaysia as being hopeless and pack our bags and leave? (Many would say it’s the sensible thing to do) Will we keep on being silent, when we see injustice and inequality? Will we shun government service, because we’ll so obviously be discriminated against (and what more the low pay)? Will we choose to be absent, or present in restoration in Malaysia ? Never before had I realized the gravity of the need for Christian presence in Malaysia . If there’s one thing to be taken home from POTs, it’s that one thing – that God has placed us in Malaysia for a reason.
I remember vividly singing Negaraku in POTs, and also the contrast with how I sang Negaraku in secondary school. A song that never used to make any sense (land where my blood is spilt??) suddenly made total sense to me.
My country, land where my blood was spilt,
The people live united and in progress,
Blessings of happiness God grants,
Our King reigns in peace.
Blessings of happiness God grants,
Our King reigns in peace.
Yes, I believe that one day it will be the blood of Christians (because I believe revival=persecution ) and I do want to see my King (Jesus) reign in the hearts of all people. Well, perhaps I will not be the one to spill my blood, but by the sweat of my brow I’ll choose to be present in restoration, to claim this land and its people for my King.
Are we facing a task that seems too big? Learning from Nehemiah, our God is BIGGER still. We need a fresh understanding of His GREATNESS. Also, we must learn to fight our battles incrementally, not always looking for quick fixes and giving up when we don’t see things coming to pass. Will Malaysia be changed in a day? No, but it would not happen at all, if not for certain individuals who chose to make a difference in Malaysia, and still continue making a difference, no matter how small, till this very day.
With that said, coming back from the conference, I took back with me more than just the heart of Nehemiah. I took back the hearts of Christian professionals who went before us, men and women who had ran the good race and fought the good fight. Can you hear the call to join them? I do.
Linda Chew @ Melbourne, ex-ALM4


Pat said...

this is really an eye-opener

now my eyes like 0_0

Eu Jeen said...

nice echo up to the earlier post by keropok lekor! the minority in malaysia usually ends up being either too disillusioned with the situation and they run away, or they just accept whatever comes head on.
so what say the future adults of malaysia? hehehe.. everyone will be nodding heads but not doing anything.. wahahahhahah

Pat said...

ya esp wif the coming election... everyone shud go n vote... exercise your right... but then later don kutuk who u choose n migrate pula...