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Monday, February 25, 2008

Should We Break Our Bonds?

I'm posting this on behalf of our beloved Keropok Lekor.

"Without appearing dogmatic, I feel that christian JPA scholars should not break their bond with the Public Service Department aka the Government aka the People.

It is because honourable people honour their agreements.

As Christians, we reflect Godly values. Our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a God of faithfulness who never breaks His covenant with His people. The basis of the Christian faith is a relationship between men and God, based on trust in what He has promised through Jesus Christ forever.

Our agreement with the nation thus should be regarded as a sacred agreement between us and the people, and should be honoured at all costs. Failure to do so especially due to selfish reasons is a shameful act that does not reflect godliness. However I am aware that there are instances where situations do not allow one to fulfill one's obligation, but that should not be the norm.

While honouring the agreement means that we may have to forgo better career or educational prospects in the future, it is a reasonable price to pay for what we have chosen at the first place. Jesus said that one should count the cost before committing to anything (Luke 14:28). Jesus also said that we should let our yes be yes and no be no (Matt 5:37).

Committing ourselves in a public funded scholarship-bond (regardless of whether we can afford to repay) is more than just a financial assistance or prestige thingy.

It is a commitment to honour the aspiration of the scholarship giver and the whole nation, and the recipients should not only be accountable to the funder, but ultimately the Supreme Giver of all blessings.

Quoting our beloved JPA officers, "Kalau tak balik Malaysia dan bayar balik, tak berkat hidup meskipun sekaya mana sekalipun"

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Pat said...

hmmm... a very good question to ponder about...