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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Visit To Memory Lane

I had intended on coming back to attend CA for quite some time already, since I started studying in IMU, but due to things like packed schedules and the distance from Bukit Jalil to Shah Alam (if you’re car-less, like me!), it was only on January 24th this year that this wish of mine came to pass. And boy, was I glad that I was able to make it. J

First of all, it was simply great to be back in CA again. I’ve always said that there’s a certain very exciting yet warm and personal atmosphere that can only be found in Campus Alive INTEC. The whole buzz of activity before CA starts, the fun of the programme, coupled with the solid ministry of God’s Word that changes lives, and the time of fellowship after—these things all became very familiar to many of us during our time in INTEC, and it sure brought back lots of good memories! So in a sense, coming to CA was like a walk down Memory Lane… *emo emo* ;p

P.S. – Jac, Yuwan, Cheah Yen, Nat, Daniel, Adeline was so good to go CA with my grandsenior brothers and sisters again—you’re a such a special bunch of people to me! J

And even better, it was Chinese New Year CA! I don’t think I’ve ever seen SO many people all dressed in red, pink, orange or yellow all packed within the vicinity of four walls… seriously! Was quite a lot to handle for my poor old eyes ;p But CA-Grandma eyes aside, it sure added to the festive mood, and what better way to get hyped up for CNY ya. J Oh yes, the angpaus were an awesome idea—filled not with money, but with the real treasure that will never pass away, God’s Word. Kudos to all those who handled it!

But programmes and festivities aside, I was very glad to see God’s Word still being strongly ministered and responded to in CA. After all, our God is the very Reason and Purpose for this CA, and it belongs to Him. May our focus never wander to anything else other than the sole honour of listening to His voice and walking in His ways.

To my precious juniors, the “old” committee, congratulations! You are now grandparents (or parents—whichever applies to you, according to our extremely confusing title system.. haha)! Thank you for your faithfulness in serving—I can still remember the time we handed over the CA to all of you, and it was such a great joy to know the CA was in capable and faithful hands. Indeed you have run the good race, and fought the good fight! J Of course, your serving does not stop here. Do continue to mentor your juniors and keep them under your wing ya… and keep up the spirit of servitude, wherever God takes you after INTEC. You are all so dear to me la J

To my grandjuniors—the new committee as well as all of you who come for CA, thank you for answering God’s call to step up and be counted as part of the family of God. Thank you for being willing to give your life to serving Him. I pray that each and every one of you will grow more and more into the likeness of Jesus, even as you seek His guidance daily. Do nothing by your own strength, but always seek the Lord’s “green light” in everything. Have the heart of a servant, always humble, and boasting in nothing but the Cross. Have the generosity of a child of God—make time and don’t be afraid of pouring your life into blessing and encouraging the people around you. But above all, make God your Number One pursuit—the centre of your lives and the centre of CA, for it is where He deserves to be. J

I’m looking forward to be able to visit again, and to get to know all of you better. But till then, continue to keep up the great work ya.. God bless all of you! J

His love and mine,


Leen said...

All of you had a chance to go back to CA!! I want to visit CA too! Probably in June. =D

Nice post, Amanda. ^__^

Pat said...

don mean to be a wet blanket but june everyone is having holidays... hehe...