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Saturday, February 16, 2008

From our Jim Koko...

CA (Campus Live) on a Wednesday night, eve of Valentines Day and sadly, the last for me. Yes, Jim here. For those who don't know, I'm an Ausmat senior, Ausmat 18 to be more exact. For easier reference, I'm Joash's batch. Indeed, it will be my last CA of the year, for me. Now I really know how my seniors felt when they just attended their last CA. Their heavy hearts just stubbornly resist to leave but, what to do. Yes, that was how I excatly felt. Imagine, not going to see your CA friends for the next 10 to 12 months, how will you feel about it?

Ok, enough of all those sad stuff. Now, CA (13.02.08) was a blast. It was, I can say, one of the best CA meetings so far. Seeing the juniors working closely together as one unit, I was proud. From my point of view, everything went well and according to plan. I know, God is seeing us through each and everything that we did. Transport, worship, ice breakers, refreshments and transportation back. I sort of made me flashback to the time when I was in the CA committee. It was fun, doing it for Him. Oh ya, I did help out though, in playing the bass. Haha, was so glad to help out when Anderson asked me too.

Generally, it was another CA, where people came and was blessed. The speaker was awesome too, an elder from Acts church. He emphasized on Psalm 40. Though we might be married to someone, there are still times when we will feel lonely BUT, Jesus, He will always be there to keep us company, to chase our loneliness away. That's great isn't it. Now, I do not need to worry about Valentines Day anymore. Who needs others when you already have Jesus? Of course, I'm not implying that we should be lone rangers.

Dear Juniors, you did a great job the other night. Do keep it up. Teamwork is of course, the most important. Everyone plays a significant role. Eventhough you might be the projectionist, the person preparing refreshments, the van drive, the person arranging transport or the one blowing up love shaped balloons, all of you are actually doing it for His service. Yes, you are actually serving Jesus by doing the task that you need to do. You know what , Jesus loves what all of you are doing and He surely reward you respectively. Lastly, treasure every CA meeting because, you, will not get anything like this anywhere else.

Thank you very much for letting me drop a few words here in the CA blog. God bless all of you. Take care everyone.



Pat said...

yo Jim... thanz for stopping by n see us for the very last time before u left for aus... u've been such blessing to CA n really appreciate wat u've done for CA during ur short stay in intec... all the best over there... sorry cannot go send u off!!!

Brian Chee said...

yea...praise God la for the wonderful CA. Thx for serving also, Jim. It's been an inspiration to me. =)

see u la in Australia. Keep in touch ya. God bless u in ur ministry.

p/s: Thx for d photos =)